common summer roofing problems in Panama City Beach

For many homeowners, Panama City Beach is a slice of paradise. While the miles of sprawling white beaches and sunny skies are ideal, Florida’s weather has a habit of getting violent. That leads to a climate that’ll test the limits of a homeowner’s roofing materials.

Understanding the challenges homeowners face is an essential step to minimize damages. That way, you can take the appropriate steps towards a solution and save a boatload of money in the process. Here are the most common summer roofing problems that people in Panama City Beach face. 


Severe Weather Conditions

While cyclones and hurricanes don’t happen often, their effects can be catastrophic. The expected annual economic loss because of these forces is estimated to be $34 to $54 billion in household value alone. A significant part of that is the devastating impact of high winds and torrential rain on roofs. 

There are several steps you can take to mitigate storm damage. Fundamental steps include ensuring robust structural integrity, upgrading roofing materials, and securing the underlayment. You may also want to consider adding water barriers or gables to reduce the potential impact of a storm.


Wear and Tear

Like any other housing material, shingles and tiles are susceptible to wear and tear. Due to Florida’s diverse range of weather conditions, roofing materials will be targeted and broken down from multiple angles. The most prevalent factors are old age, hail, rain, debris, and wind.

The best way to protect your roof is to purchase highly durable shingles. Upgrading your roof from asphalt to metal or tile roofing is the easiest way to do that. While these options cost more, they will pay for themselves in the long term and require less maintenance and repair. 



While Panama City Beach is bright and sunny more often than not, it does get precipitation on roughly 108 days out of the year. Combined with the prevalence of humidity, this moisture can lead to roof damage. In fact, moisture is the most common cause of damage in the city. 

Most frequently, the water seeps in through missing or damaged shingles or collects in an area of the house, eventually leading to rot. The solution is to target the source of the leaks and damage, and subsequently replacing the compromised materials. The essential thing, though, is to identify the root cause as opposed to addressing cosmetic issues.


Final Thoughts:

All of these summer roofing problems can be a pain to correct. Fortunately, there are solutions you can implement to prevent or minimize their potential impacts. It is a matter of taking a minute to be proactive and find what roofing improvements work for your needs and budget. 


Make sure your roof is built to withstand whatever weather conditions come its way. If you have any questions about roofing solutions, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Citadel Roofing and Restoration. Call (850) 780-3485 today, and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.   


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